Winston Lennon is a Beatles fan who lives in Liverpool today.

This blog, of course, is about The Beatles.

But more importantly, it’s about the impact of The Beatles on Liverpool and their legacy to the city…

Liverpool has gone from a post war, bombed out, grey and drab whatever it was supposed to be, to a city renowned globally for its history and its culture.

And its culture is where it becomes interesting.

Tourists from around the world flock to Liverpool, many of them to fulfil a lifetime ambition to walk the same streets that John, Paul, George, and Ringo once did.

For locals, its something we take for granted, as you do when you live on the doorstep, so to speak.

But for visitors from Japan, the USA , and wherever else, it can be the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how much of an impact The Beatles had on the 1960’s and worldwide, the generation that came of age as the band experienced their ascendance, and the same generation who were forced to come to terms with the inevitable DeKlein and fall.

The speed with which four lads from Liverpool shook the world, moving rapidly from tailored Beno Dorn suits to bell bottomed jeans and beards as their musical output stayed always one step ahead, is dizzying to contemplate.

If you’re a Beatles fan who’s always wanted to visit Liverpool, but has been unable to for whatever reason, this blog is for you.

Or, you may be a Beatles fan who’s been to Liverpool, seen all the sites, and wants to reflect on the memories. If so, wherever you are in the world, this site is also for you.

You could, though, be on one of the many Fred Olsen or Cunard cruise liners that now regularly visit Liverpool. If so, you may be planning to visit the sites and cram as much as you can into a few short hours. I sincerely hope that this blog can help you with you planning.

For scousers abroad, who may be homesick or think often of their home town, you may find much on this blog to captivate your interest.

For the many scousers who still live in Liverpool, who take the city for granted, and daily pass buildings or places that are linked to the city’s rich cultural heritage, this blog may open your eyes to the Beatles linked historical treasures and give you a greater appreciation for this wondrous place.

Winston Lennon


26th April 2024

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