8 Sept 2019 – The Lightening Seeds & Special Guests at Birkenhead Park

The video below is the closing song (3 Lions) by the Lightening Seeds at their Birkenhead Park gig. You may find the bass has overpowered the microphone, so if you love the song, here is the the official video by Vevo on YouTube.

The Lightening Seeds played a special concert on Sunday evening at Birkenhead Park on the Wirral, headlining a gig that opened with China Crisis and sandwiched The Christians in between the two bands.

All three bands came out of the post punk Liverpool music scene, and each has their own great sound and signature tunes.

The sound quality during the evening was spot on, the atmosphere extremely friendly, and the crowd were left looking forward to Wirral Borough Council repeating the experience in 2020 – Here’s hoping.

Marie Cox and Lisa Looby, two Wirral girls who enjoyed a fabulous evening listening to the Lightening Seeds and their special guests in Birkenhead Central Park on Sunday 8th September 2019.

30 Minutes with the Lightening Seeds’ Ian Broudie – Full interview in The Guardian Wednesday 11th June 2014

Have music and football always gone together for you?

It sounds trite now, but I was born in ’58, so when I was seven or eight the city [of Liverpool] was awash with music. The Beatles and the football team were both massive, and people would literally sing Beatles songs on the Kop.

You were part of that generation who put Liverpool music back on the map. To an outsider, it might seem as if the Beatles were massive in the 60s, and then nothing happened until 1979.

It was like that. It’s quite weird actually, because punk was in 1976 and the last Beatles album only came out in 1970, but it felt like for ever. Early on with the Bunnymen when we were listening to the Doors and Love and Beefheart, it felt like we’d discovered something nobody else knew about, cos you didn’t have YouTube back then. Liking the Beatles was seen as a black mark. People thought I was uncool because I liked them.

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