Beatles-Related Things to Do in Liverpool

By Matt Spock

There are so many things to do in Liverpool!

Liverpool is a great city with a fascinating history that dates back centuries. It has long been a significant seaport and it has a rich culture. Liverpool served as Europe’s Culture Capital. It has a Philharmonic Hall that hosts a variety of great classical performances. You can eat great Italian food downtown, you can listen to Indian music in an Irish pub, or you can actually tour the city by land and sea from within a restored World War II amphibious landing vehicle.

No matter how many different things you mention, some people are interested in only one subset of the many things to do in Liverpool. They want to know about attractions and sites related to the Beatles.

The Beatles, arguably the best band in the history of the world, are the city’s most beloved and famous exports. The vanguard of the British invasion called Liverpool home and honed their skills on the stage of Liverpool’s Cavern Club.

Liverpool attracts countless tourists every year with an interest in the Beatles. That stream of fans has led to the creation of several fantastic attractions. If you are looking for Beatles-related things to do in Liverpool, you will have a variety of choices.

You can tour the city from within the comfy confines of a Magical Mystery Tour bus. There are numerous “Beatles tours” of Liverpool, but the Magical Mystery Tour, which features a mock-up of a real Beatles tour bus, is one of the most popular.

The Magical Mystery Tour stops at the front door of the famous Cavern Club. While the original structure was eliminated over thirty years ago, the new club sits in the same spot and has been rebuilt to evoke the original, down to the use of salvaged bricks from the old club. You will get a sense of Beatles history and a chance to enjoy live music from new bands at the Cavern Club.

You will want to walk down Mathew Street while in Liverpool. Beatles fans will go right past an art gallery that includes many works from John Lennon on their way to the Beatles Store, a shop specializing in Beatles souvenirs, memorabilia and collectibles.

If you are in Liverpool to celebrate the band, you will undoubtedly stop at The Beatles Story. It is a full-on museum dedicated to the lives of the four band mates from their childhoods through the Beatles era and beyond. It is an unforgettable experience for anyone suffering from even a mild case of Beatlemania!

We are just scratching surface with this list, too. There are so many Beatles-related things to do in Liverpool! If you are a big fan of the Fab Four, you are going to be busy!

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